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Expensive color change garnet, buy color change garnet.
7.51 ct. Color Change Garnet, Strong Color Change Pinkish Purple/Cherry Red
Rare color change garnet Malawi
How much does color change garnet cost? Answer: 200.00 to 2500.00 a carat Malaya is one of the more expensive.
What is Bishop's grade garnet? Answer - A generic trade name for purple garnet.
Color Change Garnet, Strong Color Change Pinkish Purple to Cherry Red
purple to red color change garnet VVS
At first miners had no idea that many of the Malaya garnet were color change.
If a garnet has a strong color change the price increases substantially.
What is the rarest garnet? Russian Demantoid, Tsavorite and Malaya garnets.

SOLD 7.51 ct. Color Change Garnet, Strong Color Change Pinkish Purple/Cherry Red

Regular price $4,581.00 $2,126.00 Sale

Malawi Garnet, 7.51 ct. Color Change Purplish Pink To Rasberry/Cherry Red

  • Color Change Garnet (rhodolite) Pinkish Purple to Raspberry/Cherry Red Origin - East Africa (Malawi) VVS 7.51 carats
  • Strong color change from purple to raspberry or cherry red. 
  • I did not know this stone was a color change (Nor, did my agent, or the seller) 
  • Nice cut and clarity, both colors are beautiful. Large size. Old pricing.
  • At night, under candlelight, by the fireplace or under certain sunlight/candlelight situations your gem will be a gorgeous sparkling Purple to Raspberry to Cherry red and beautiful pinkish purple in most modern indoor lighting with change in incandescent. Priced at no color change!
  • Mine is exhausted. Only hoarded rough remains. Seldom on market.
  • Great investment stone that has soared in price and very hard to get in high quality and this size.