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Contact / About Us - Old Virginia Gem Co.

Contact / About Us - Old Virginia Gem Co.

Twisted South Corporate Office

(By appointment only)

1121 Harrison Street

Lynchburg, VA. 24504

United States

936-402-0320 9AM to 9PM EST, 7 days a week.

It started with rocks and arrowheads over 40 years ago. And it grew...boy did it grow. When my wife Phoebe and I first married, her mother was fretting about what to get me for my birthday. I overheard my wife tell her, "Oh, don't worry about Zeke mother, he'll be happy with a rock."

Much of my life was spent running animal rescues for the pets of domestic-violence victims and a portion of our income goes to animal charities.

 My mother-in-law thought she was kidding, but I got a rock from her that year. A blue-green crystal she had picked up at a yard sale. It turned out to be 1200 carats of fine aquamarine rough. I have always been lucky when it come to gems. I started collecting estate jewelry, because I saw rare and valuable gems available for very low prices.

My love of gems grew, along with my education in gemology. I keep learning every day. When it comes to estate buys I am a great gem picker. I bought my first blue spinel years before it became a hot commodity and I kept on buying them. When I started making money selling gems I found new rare gem discoveries and put my money back into our company. My success is due to honest/close relationships with the mine owners, miners and some of the finest gem cutters in the world.  And passing value down to our customers.

It delights me to grab rare material in other countries in the wee hours of the night while most of my competition are still sleeping. I'll be headed for Thailand and Burma soon to buy rough and put it away for years and offer it to you at a bargain since I buy fast and low, I can be competitive.

We have partnered with world class gem cutters in Europe, America, Sri Lanka and Thailand. Often, we give you a lower price than the cutters offer on their own sites because we make big buys annually and our buying power saves you money. We are not a huge company and you should not treat us as such and we promise not to treat you like a number. We will never deliberately sell you simulated gems as real or treated gems as untreated. We will never sell you blue topaz as aquamarine.

On estate pieces we gauge carat-weight based on the measurements and type of gem; using math based on jeweler's charts. We can't disassemble jewelry pieces meant to last a lifetime to weigh each stone but our math usually errs in your favor since we round down.

We are thrilled to send any gem(s) you buy to GIA for certification at no charge except the lab fees you incur. We do not have hundreds of employees so we, "wear a lot of hats." If you are ever unhappy with any item or service you get you may speak directly to our owner, just write, "Speak to Zeke" in the contact form below.

I'll always take time away from gardening, gem hunting and fixing up the old Chateau to answer your questions about your gem. Or just say hello and let me know what you love and don't like too. We want our trust and good old-fashioned is always free at Old Virginia Gem Co. 


Zeke Loftin, Owner of Old Virginia Gem Co.