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Huge Translucent Rhodochrosite Cabochon in ost expensive color range and translucency.
Amazing Translucent Rhodochrosite Cabochon

13.38 Carat Jelly Rhodochrosite, Finest Quality, Translucent Cabochon

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13.38 Carat Jelly Rhodochrosite, Finest Quality, Translucent Cabochon
  • Cut - Oval Cabochon
  • Color - Watermelon red/pink
  • Origin - Argentina
  • Clarity - Super rare almost transparent the highest translucency, museum quality gem.
  • Luster - SUPERIOR
  •  This is an incredible stone in both it's exceptional color, cut/polish and clarity.
  • Fat oval cab perfectly beveled and polished, looks like candy!
  • It has the color of ripe watermelon Andy’s among the rarest rhodochrosite on the planet.
  • This material is very rare in higher clarity. Less than 1% of Rhodochrosite is translucent, period. Especially with almost no imperfection. To find a gem of this clarity in this size and masterfully cabochoned Gem is a rarity indeed.
  • We have a teardrop shaped cab from the same rough, equally high quality, which may be available.
  • This is the last from this rough. Award Winning American Cutter
  • 16.95 x 14.25 x 8.18mm