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(We have samples but do not list them. They are gorgeous, but very small. Email us if you are a new or regular customer and we will sell you one. If you are a new customer this must be part of another order totaling 250.00 or more. Impossible to get in a size even as small as .25 carat in good clarity and with the electric blue color it is known for.

Named in honor of the famed, 19th. Century crystallographer and mineralogist, Abbe Rene Just Hauy, this matrix specimen has glassy and gemmy, vibrant, rich blue "crystals" nestled in a vug. They are crystals, just filling a pocket so there is no crystalline face to see. The loose crystal measures .5 cm across. Hauyne is a rare, sodium, calcium, aluminum, silicate, sulfate occurring in the occasional weird volcanic zone. This is a neat example from the old classic locale from which it is best known. 

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